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With our Pharmacoscopy® platform, we generate actionable insights into the functional activity of drugs and drug candidates directly in viable, primary tissue samples of human cancer patients at the single cell level. We enable physicians to treat cancer patients with the most promising drug at the right time in situations where classical genetics-driven precision medicine does not give precise answers. We also enable pharma companies to choose the most promising drug candidates for clinical development in the right patient populations to maximize clinical study success rates and patient benefit.


Functionally measuring drug action in viable primary human patient tissues, conceptually, is as close as one can get to predicting clinical drug activity before running a first-in-human trial or administering a drug. Until now, however, evidence for the clinical translatability of this “functional drug testing” approach has been lacking.

Allcyte’s Pharmacoscopy® technology is the first-ever functional drug testing platform that has shown clinical translatability in a prospective interventional setting. In the EXALT I study, late-stage hemato-oncology patients treated with drugs selected with Pharmacoscopy® had a significantly higher chance of responding and longer progression-free survival compared to the respective previous line of therapy.

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to Patients

Every patient and every cancer responds differently to anticancer therapy. Our mission is to provide treating oncologists the tools to make the best possible treatment choice for patients to reduce side-effects from potentially ineffective therapy and improve outcome.

to Pharmaceutical Partners

Cell lines do not fully recapitulate the in vivo milieu for individual cells, and many drug candidates fall short of expectations generated by results in preclinical cell line models when reaching human trials. That's why we set out to bridge the translational gap. By testing your anticancer and immune-oncology compounds in real patient samples, we can help understand how drugs will likely perform in real patients or which indication or patient groups to focus on. By comparing ex vivo drug response patterns to sequencing data, we can help you identify biomarker candidates for patient selection even before entering the first clinical study.

to Treating oncologists

We closely work with oncologists and understand that treating cancer patients is extremely challenging. It requires careful integration of clinical guidelines, latest scientific research, diagnostic data and the individual situation of a patient. Our mission is to provide you with high performance tools that generate insight into the likely drug response of a patient that go beyond existing risk classification and genetic prediction systems to help you make the best possible treatment decisions.

We are in the process of developing fully certified in vitro diagnostic tests for the personalized treatment of cancer patients. Already now, however, we invite you to join our groundbreaking research effort and can provide you access to our Pharmacoscopy screening platform for research use only. Please contact us for details.

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